Rapid quotes, fast turnaround on SLS models and end-use parts

The Right Choice for Selective Laser Sintering

JR Prototypes uses the latest Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) equipment to create complex models and parts.

Key benefits of SLS prototyping

  • Produces multi-piece, integrated structures
  • Makes flexible parts with live hinges
  • Produces lightweight end-use parts
  • Creates highly detailed models
  • Has no geometrical restrictions
  • Offers build sizes up to 22" x 22" x 18"
    • tolerances of +/- .005 for the first inch and +/-.003 for each additional inch

All prototyping companies are not created equal

Many companies simply fill orders. At JR Prototypes, we have engineers on staff to assist you. Call 262-345-6710 or email us about your next project, and we'll provide expert advice based on decades of manufacturing experience.

You can count on us to provide a fast, no-obligation quote (guaranteed response within 24 hours) and quick turnaround on your project. We have extensive capabilities and provide all of the services you need under one roof.