Rapid quotes, fast turnaround on FDM prototypes and end-use parts.

Fused Deposition Modeling

When you need accurate, consistent models and end-use parts, contact JR Prototypes. We make FDM prototypes and parts from a wide variety of production-grade thermoplastics for clients throughout the US.

Of the prototyping technologies available, FDM prototyping has several benefits:

  • Offers the most material options
  • Produces models of high resolution and exceptional detail
  • Creates models that are highly accurate
  • Is highly configurable
  • Offers build sizes up to 36" x 24" x 36"
    • tolerances of +/- .005 for the first inch and +/-.0015 for each additional inch

All prototyping companies are not created equal

Many companies just fill orders. We have engineers on staff to assist you. You can call (262-345-6710) or email us about your next project, and we'll provide expert advice based on decades of manufacturing experience. You can also count on us to provide a fast, no-obligation quote and quick turnaround on your project. Learn more about our capabilities and services.

Did you know?

FDM prototyping is an additive manufacturing technology in which liquefied plastic is used to build a part from the bottom up – one layer at a time.