State-of-the-art FDM prototyping for models and end-use parts

Fused Deposition Modeling

JR Prototypes uses Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) systems to create accurate, consistent models and end-use parts from a wide variety of production-grade thermoplastics.

Key benefits of FDM prototyping:

  • Offers the most material options
  • Produces models of high resolution and exceptional detail
  • Creates models that are highly accurate
  • Is highly configurable
  • Offers build sizes up to 36" x 24" x 36"
    • tolerances of +/- .005 in or +/-.0015 in/in

How Does FDM Prototyping Work?

FDM prototyping is an additive manufacturing technology in which liquefied plastic is used to build a part from the bottom up – one layer at a time.