Rapid prototype development and
short run manufacturing

three examples of rapid prototype manufacturing


At JR Prototypes, we specialize in rapid prototype development and short-run manufacturing. A division of the Dielectric Corporation, our manufacturing experience dates back to 1966. While we offer the latest manufacturing techniques, we bring mature production know-how to your project.

Materials expertise

Our knowledge of materials is exceptional. We have built pieces for diverse applications working with numerous plastics as well as aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel. You can trust our experts to help you select the best material for your application and budget - whether you are interested in rapid prototype development or short-run manufacturing.

Design collaboration

We’ll also help you refine your vision. Our application engineers have extensive experience in the manufacture of parts and assemblies. We can review your concepts or drawings and make recommendations that will help you obtain the best possible results.

For rapid prototype development or short-run manufacturing, trust the experts at JR Prototypes to meet your needs. Read about the results we have achieved for other customers.